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Saturday, August 30, 2008


From:Mirza Namazie
Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 3:00 AM

Dear all

For those of you who attended the reunion dinner on National Day we thank you for doing so and earnestly hope you enjoyed yourself catching up the old times.

For those who were not able to make it we look forward to seeing you at the next reunion.

For the record we had an attendance of 50 out of 188 from the year of 1968 (26.60%) and 7 teachers. The teachers were Mr Lee Hah Ing, Mr Wan Fook Weng, Mr Earnest Lau, Mr Lim Choon Mong, Mr Wee Teow Kee, Mdm Kwan nee Seet Ngoh & Ms Yeo Chee Kai.

We were delighted that the following members of our cohort who reside overseas took the trouble specially to come to Singapore to attend the reunion dinner. They are:

1) Manjit Singh Arts A Sydney
2) Andrew Liew Arts B Qatar
3) Shahid Mujtaba ScA San Francisco
4) Lai Choon Yong Sc A San Francisco
5) Winnie Lee(nka Winnie Lewis) Sc A San Francisco
6) Arthur Cheng Wee Bin Sc C Sydney
7) Sim Lee Ling Sc C Canberra

For the record the attendance by class was as follows:-
Arts A - 5/42 - 11.9%
Arts B - 3/39 - 7.69%
Sc A - 17/36 - 47.22%
Sc B - 10/35 - 28.57%
Sc C - 15/36 - 41.67%

8 members of our cohort who signed up for the dinner did not turn up, 4 of whom have yet to make payment of their dues of $150 each. It would be good if these 4 would send their cheques to Eunice Chan as soon as possible to pass on to the OBA for The Teachers' Retirement Fund for their annual gathering next Monday evening at ACS Barker poolside.

For the record apart from the outstanding amount from these 4 persons, there was a surplus of $2500 which has been paid to the OBA for the benefit of the Teachers' Retirement Fund.

An account of same is set out below:-

Less: Matthew & Mandarins $1500.00
Tanglin Club$5522.55
Photographer$280.00 $7302.55
Balance $2500.00

Mr Lee Hah Ing, Earnest Lau and Wan Fook Weng were good enough spend some time addressing to us.

A book by Earnest Lau was also distributed to all members who were present at the dinner.

We also had lots of fun that evening with Andrew Liew, Noor Quek and Irene Hoe performing and last but not the least the virtuoso performance in ballroom dancing by Shahid who was in so much demand that ticket numbers had to be allotted to the girls queuing up to dance with him.

All Mr Wan could say about his star "nerd" pupil was that "this is what a foreign education does to you".

Till we meet again,

Au Revoir


Organising Committee:-

1) Chan,Chu Jan Eunice Sc C
2) Leong,Mun K ien Patrick Sc A
3) Liew, Andrew Arts B
4) Motiwalla,Juzar Sc A
5) Namazie,Mirza Sc C
6) Ong,Soo Lin Michael Sc A
7) Ong,Lay Chuan Patricia Sc A
8) Quek Noor fka Noorhayati bte Kassim Sc C
9) Tang Boon Teck Sc A

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mark Your Visit!

This blog has exceeded expectation given the limited number of people that it relates to. However, it appears that this cohort of ACSians (or at least interest in some of them) is scattered around the world. Visitor logs as well as the maps below give an indication of where visitors are coming from, but so far there have been visitors from the N.American, Australian, African, Asian, and European continents. We are only missing visitors from S. America , Antarctica and Greenland, so we may not yet have any of our cohorts visiting the Polar Bears and the Penguins.

Here is a request: Please indicate where you are visiting from, by clicking on the Comments link on this post, and put in the city, state and country from which you are visiting. You may leave a real name, a pen name, or call yourself anonymous as you wish. No login or registration is required.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Final list of attendees at 40th Reunion Tanglin Club August 9, 2008





Ang Lian Hua

1a Sc



Arthur Cheng Wee Bin

1c Sc



Chan Chu Jan, Eunice

1c Sc



Chen Ming Liang, Maynard

1b Sc



Derrick Wong Ong Eu

1c Sc



Fang-Ho Ai Lian

1b Sc



Foo Kam Cheng

1a Arts



Foong Hoh Yee,Vera

1c Sc



Gay Sai Choo (Grace)

1a Sc



Geh Min

1b Sc



Han Him Fong (Charles)

1a Arts



Ho Kum Koon

1b Sc



Irene Hoe

1b Sc



Jen Shek Chuen, James

1a Sc



Koe Swee Kiok

1b Sc



Kwa Kie Tjiong (Dr)

1b Sc



Lai Choong Yong, Jim

1a Sc



Law Chwee Kiat, Winston

1a Arts



Lee Beng Cheong, Billy

1a Sc



Lee Voon Ee, Winnie

1a Sc



Leong Mun Kien Patrick

1A Sc



Liew Andrew

1b Arts



Low Kee Cheong

1c Sc



Michael Goh Siew Siong

1a Arts



Mirza Namazie

1c Sc



Motiwalla Juzar

1a Sc



Mujtaba M .Shahid

1a Sc



Ng Hwee Miang

1a Sc



Noorhayati Kassim

1c Sc



Ong Cheong Bee;Patricia Fu

1b Arts



Ong Lay Chuan;Patricia Thum

1a Sc



Ong Soo Lin;Michael

1a Sc



Pang Puay Koon;Dorothy Aw

1c Sc



Robert Wee

1c Sc



Seet Mary (Mdm)

1b Sc



Sim Lee Ling

1c Sc



Singh Gurdip

1c Sc



Singh Manjit

1a Arts



Sng Leong Soon

1b Arts



Sum Yee Loong

1c Sc



Tan Aye Neo,Evelyn

1b Sc



Tan May Hua, Linda

1b Sc



Tang Boon Teck

1a Sc



Tay Boon Sim,Michael

1a Sc



Tay Willie K. L

1c Sc



Tham Kok Ho

1c Sc



Toh Choong Fook

1a Sc



Toh Choong Sang

1a Sc



Vivekananda Kuhadas

1c Sc



Ying Siew Hon Francis

1a Sc


Mr Lee Hah Ing
Mr Wan Fook Weng
Mr Ernest Lau
Ms Yeo Chee Kai
Ms Seet Ngoh
Mr Lim Choon Mong
Mr Wee Kay Teow

How to get more from photos or slide shows

Clicking on the thumbnails of photos may get you to a larger version of the photo. Clicking on a slide show will get you to the Picasaweb page with the slide show, where you can view each individual photo full size, and also add captions and comments for each photo.

Memories '68 Slide Show

Recreated from the continous slide show running during the 40th Reunion at Tanglin Club, for your continuing nostalgia.

Created by Patrick Leong.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to Handle Video & Photo Album Errors

This has been tested only on Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP.

For Videos:

If you are not seeing a thumbnail with a "play" button it, it means that your computer does not support the Windows Media Player that the video needs. In that case, you need your friendly local IT expert to give some advice on how to fix it.

If the video plays choppily, it most likely means that your internet connection is too slow, and you can view it better on a faster internet connection.

For Photos:

If you are not seeing a photo thumbnail, or the album changing pages periodically, it means that Macromedia Flash player is not available on your machine.

Entertainment by Andy Liew & Co

Andy and his band playing at Mirza's home on August 10, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

How To Caption & Comment on slide shows

The two photo album slideshows from Shahid's photo collection are actually hosted on Google's Picasaweb, which you can get to by clidking on the slideshows. Once you get there, you have the opportunity of veiws the slides in the original larger size, and also to add captions and comments to the photos, provied you sign in with a Google Account.

Sighting of Kee Chin Heng

With Choon Yong's help, we got in touch with Kee Chin Heng (PU Arts A) who also attended University of Hawaii with me and Jolly Aw (Dorothy Pang's spouse) in the 1970s. Chin Heng lives in California (of course, the rest of us California residents from Singapore didn't know) in the inland valley by Stockton. He promised to meet up with us the next time he visits San Francisco.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dancing the night away

Video provided courtesy of Maynard

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mirza's Home August 10, 2008


The Party after the Reunion
Photos from Shahid's Camera

Tanglin Club, Churchill Room, August 9 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Re: [ACSians] Where is Maggie Mason...

Wan Fook Weng is right! After looking at the ease with which Winnie and Shahid (and Choon Yong) handle "difficult" issues (dancing and eating included)'s really going overseas to live and work which provides the cutting edge!

Well done Winnie!

Now we wait! (wonder what it would be like when Maggie does respond!)

Cheers all and good weekend




Friday, August 15, 2008

[ACSians] Where is Maggie Mason...

From Winnie Lee

Hi: all these amateurish efforts looking for Maggie.... Yesterday, I contacted the guy associated with the Singapore alumni branch of McGill University and he forwarded my requested to McGill University Alumni Association who responded and also forwarded my request to Maggie.

Now, we wait. A brief thank you to all of you for that Singapore hospitality, AND especially our friend from Daikin AC. I counted more than 20 Daikin units at my brother's home and he says they all work perfectly! Kept me very comfortable.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mr Ernest Lau's Message to Old Boys (and Girls)

Mr. Hee Hah Ing's Words of Praise for Class of 1968

Mr Ernest Lau saying Grace before Bread and Soup

[ACSians] Re: And here's to the next magical sighting of Maggie Mason

Dear Irene and other ACSians,

Glad to hear your comparative appraisals of the Reunions, and your finding of ACS Class of 68 Reunion being the most fun.

Thanks for the narrative about the meeting between Maggie and Irene in the best Hindi movie tradition in Montreal in 1971.

For enquiring minds who are asking "Where's Maggie Mason" and anxious to find out,
these clues together with the suggestions from Irene can may help in the search. More "magical sighting" reports are definitely welcome and will be published when reported.



And here's to the next magical [MAGGIECAL] sighting of Maggie Mason

From: Irene Hoe
Date: Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 2:07 PM
Subject: And here's to the next magical sighting of Maggie Mason

Dear friends,
Since I got home from a long trip at midnight last Friday, it's been one reunion after another, starting with lunch and dinner to mark Eusoff College 50th anniversary and ending Tuesday when I gathered my sister Mary's closest pals together to celebrate her birthday.
Every party was special in its own way, but without a doubt, the ACS Class of 68 gathering was the most fun I've had this year with clothes on.
Thank you Mirza & Co, for all the spade work, and Chui Fong, for feeding us and letting us mess up your home. And Elvis the Pelvis Liew for insisting that I still belong to the 68ers.
My only regret is that I could not produce the elusive Maggie Mason.
The last time I saw MM was in the summer of 1971 when I was in Montreal. From across a busy street, I spotted her and shouted: "Maggie Mason!!!!" And she responded "Irene!!!! Is that really you!!!" (You can tell we weren't strong on originality).
Then in the best Hindi movie tradition, we ran towards each other and embraced, on a traffic island with traffic rushing by on either side of us. Our hugfest was as intense as it was brief.
When I Googled "Maggie Mason", I found a marathoner by that name, of the right age, from Santa Barbara. Shahid, maybe you could check out "Mason, M" in the online directories, or look for her brother Peter. Or check out the McGill University alumni website if you know any alumnus.
The Quest goes on.

Looking forward to the next reunion,

Monday, August 11, 2008

Thank you notes

Posted from an email from Ho Kum Koon:

To the organizers of this gathering: A big THANK YOU.
Seeing shahid dancing was something that was beyond my imagination. For 40 years many of us have gone out to look for that pot of gold and found it. I am not so sure if that is what life is all about. I am told that some of our cohorts were reluctant to come because they felt that they have yet to find theirs. This is terrible, to think that we would be wasting our time gathering to compare numbers!

In the final analysis of the book Forty Years On, Erny has given us some good advice on life. In my own words I think it has to do with 2 words- success vs significance. Success is to add value to yourself while significance is to add value to others through serving others. In the next 20-30 years I hope we will be significant and not be measured by the so called success in $$$.

We may not be around for the 50th anniversary but as Lee Hah Ing puts it , in the meanwhile count your blessings. Time is ticking away towards that appointment everyone must keep. The greatest blessing that one can have and which I believe Hah Ing very much desires for us is to know our Maker before we meet Him face to face.

To God be the glory.

Kum Koon

Sent 8/10/08 10:41 PM PDT = 8/11/08 7:41 AM SGT

Sunday, August 10, 2008

How Old Are You, Anyway?

Welcome to the Reunion!

Google Search for "Dorothy Pang Puay Koon" in NSW directs searcher to this blog!

The above entry on Aug 5, 2008 at 14:42:14 SGT (the time stated above which is 15 hours after the time shown in the notice above) reflects someone connected to the internet in NSW, Australia, searched for search term "Dorothy Pang Puay Koon" on Google Australia, and was directed to this blog. Since this entry was posted on August 4, 8:11 am, it shows that in less than 30 hours, Google search spiders had already indexed this entry, and found it most relevant for Dorothy's full name, since it was the top entry among 274 that Google considered relevant for her name. Those GoogleBots are busy crawling the web and blogosphere analyzing whatever has been posted.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tango 1990

Dance Medley 1982

Dr Geh Min

Geh Min
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Dr. Geh Min (Simplified Chinese: 倪敏) is the former President of Nature Society in Singapore.
In December 2004, Geh Min was appointed as a Nominated Member of Parliament. [1]

Geh Min is a former student of Methodist Girls' School and Anglo-Chinese School. She is a medicine graduate of the National University of Singapore and works as a consultant ophthalmologist at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, and as a visiting consultant at the National Eye Centre and the National University Hospital. She is the granddaughter of philanthropist Lee Kong Chian. [2]

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Categories: Living people Singaporean doctors Chinese Singaporeans Singaporean environmentalists Singaporean Nominated Members of Parliament Anglo-Chinese School alumni National University of Singapore alumni Singaporean people stubs

Fang-Ho Ai Lian

Home Page > About School > Advisory Board

Advisory Board Chairman

Mrs FANG Ai Lian Chairman Great Eastern Holdings Ltd
Mrs Fang Ai Lian has been with Ernst & Young for more than 30 years. She was made Partner in 1981. She qualified as a Chartered Accountant in London in 1973 and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales . She is also a Council Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS).
Outside the firm, Mrs Fang shares her expertise with government and professional institutions in Singapore as well as international organisations. To name a few, she chairs the Accounting Standards Committee and the Banking & Finance Committee of ICPAS. She is also a Governing Council Member of the Singapore Institute of Directors, member of the Board of Governors at the Institute of Policy Studies , and sits on the Board of International Enterprise Singapore and the Competition Appeal Board.
Mrs Fang is very active in the educational fields. At the Singapore Management University , she serves as the Chairman of the School of Accountancy Advisory Board .
A Justice of the Peace, Mrs Fang's community service includes serving as President of the Home Nursing Foundation and the Breast Cancer Foundation, and as Board Director of NTUC Eldercare and the Singapore Professional Executives Co-operative (SPEC). Mrs Fang was a former Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP).


Maggie Mason

As you know, Maggie left ACS in mid 1968 during PU-II prior to the HSC exams to study in Canada at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

In 1973, after graduating from the University of Singapore Faculty of Engineering, I had the good fortune to obtain a Ford Foundation fellowship to study Industrial Engineering in Stanford University, California, and found myself there with another Singaporean on the same program - a person who has since returned to Singapore, and being in the public eye, is probably known by name to all of you. In June 1974, both of us went to Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, and after the summer semester, took the road trip back to Stanford. West Lafayette, as you know is east of Stanford, so we started the return trip back heading East and North - which certainly makes a lot of sense ;-) came through Madison, Wisconsin, and met Juzar there at the time. As part of the trip, we went to Montreal, where we visited and stayed with a former lecturer from the Engineering Faculty, who had moved to one the Universities there. (As an aside, he had a young son whom he kept calling Goondoo as a term of endearment, and I am sure some one had given him a bad translation of what it meant.)

On a lark, I found a phone directory of Montreal, and on looking up the M's, came across some Masons, and a couple of Mason M s and don't recall if there were any Maggies among them. So, armed with the phone book and a rotary phone (touch-tone phones were a thing of the future at the time), and several cups of coffee, I started down the list, and hit pay dirt right away. I was pleasantly surprised when she answered. We went for dinner with my colleague, and had a very pleasant visit with her after that.

Around Christmas I sent her a "Snoopy" Christmas card from Palo Alto - at least I thought I did. A few days later I received the envelope I had sent addressed to me, so I thought I must have addressed the envelope to myself rather than to her and put her address as the return address. However, the envelope did not seem quite the same. On closer examination, I noticed that the handwriting was different. It turns out that the envelope was similar to the one I sent, but not the same, and that the card was from her. Our cards had crossed in the mail, and we had both sent each other the same card at the same time!

That is not the end of the story - there was one more chapter. In November 1975, I was bicycling home in the middle of the night from school when an immovable log/beam on the ground had an argument with the front wheel of my irresistable bicycle :-). For those who have been taught that in physics (remember F = Ma) that when an immovable object meets an irresistable force the result is indeterminiate, I found a definitive answer that night. The immovable object won! The bicycle stopped cold. However, Newton's First Law of Inertia (anyone still remember what that is?) did me in. I kept going, my fingers were caught between the brake control and the handlebar. After groping for and finding my glasses which had obeyed Newton's First Law with me and also fallen off, I got up, and dusted myself off. The world looked a little blurry, and I thought I had damaged my head, but it was actually a lens of my spectacles that had popped off, so that was a relief. However, the blurry looking ring and little fingers on my right hand looked strange and had no sensation, and the front wheel of the bicycle did not look straight. With some help I got to the student health center, and next morning was told by the doctor that I needed surgery, and admitted to Stanford Hospital.

After the surgery, I stayed in the hospital one night, too groggy to care, and next day told I would have to stay one more night. Well, that second night, after the effects of the anaesthesia had worn off, I found that the traffic in the hospital room with the nurses going in and out annoying the other patients was so distressing that I could not get any sleep. When the following morning when the doctor came in and wanted me to stay one more night, I objected and wanted to get out of there. While checking out and leaving the hospital, I heard my voice, turned around, and thought I was hallucinating, because, right there ... in the flesh was.... Maggie Mason!!.

Turns out she was checking out the Microbiology program because her boyfriend was thinking of attending Stanford, and she wanted to see what was available, and ran into me most unexpectedly. Subsequently, that afternoon, I had a long conversation with her, but I never got a correct phone number from her, and I did not have my own listed phone, and did not see or hear from her again.

Gentle reader, if you have any later news of Maggie, please post it in the comment section. If there are enough comments, I might be persuaded to look and post that very well composed picture of her taken under the portrait of the Mona Lisa lookalike in that Montreal restaurant by my cohort in crime in 1974......

Maggie, if you are reading this, please make contact with your classmates of 40 years ago.....

Lai Choon Yong aka James Lai

Master Gardner and Rancher Extraordinaire!

Acsian-Nostalgia Blog

Announcing Launch of this blog
Akan Datang di Sini: Lengang KanKong, Maggie Mason, Privacy Policy

Friday, August 8, 2008

How to track new entries and comments?

So, the blog is interesting, but how do I know when there are new entries, or new comments to existing entries? I don't want to keep going to the blog to find out, and try to check for comments is a pain.

So glad you asked! On the right hand side of the page there is a heading "Subscribe to". You can select to receive new content either new posts or new comments in the comfort of your home page, "favorites" in your browser, or by email. If you need detailed instructions on how to do this, please leave a message stating that in he comments section of this post, and if there is sufficient interest, a step by step procedure will be prepared and posted on this blog.

How to Find an entry you once read

After you visit this delightful blog, and read something interesting, but cannot remember on which page and when, how do you relive that moment without having to go through every page of the blog?

On the right hand column, you will find it possible to track specific blog entries by date, and by topic (label), but only to the accuracy of proper categorization. If these fail, there is always the ability to run a search over this blog and related information.

The Acsian-Nostalgia Custom Search Engine is a smaller version of the great big search engine you are used to and love. Pressing the Search button searches for the term or keyword in a limited number of related sites, this blog, and sites to which this blog links. So instead of the abundance of riches of 2 million hits on what you are looking for, you will need to look through a smaller list of items.

Suppiah and Ernie

Reminds me of another famous Suppiah's sayings......." I say why for you are wasting my time time, your time and the the time of the others. Simply you get out now, I say, get out now and stand outside under the tree there and waste time."

A great one was when Suppiah had an argument with Ernie outside our classroom as follows:

I say Ernest, what is this you are making me feel like a damn fool waiting outside while you keep on speaking inside.

Ernie's reply, "I annot help it if you want to feel like a fool" Both parted ways and Suppiah continued to rant and rage in the classroom with all his fury.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

hantam bola...

Can you remember how the hantam bola sessions stopped?
· Well the sessions started with rubber balls, then soft balls (those white balls with furs played by softball players) and then graduated to can you remember what? ----------'GOLF BALLS!'. I can't remember who but this nut (if anyone can remember please inform me) brought along his father's golf ball as the softballs were too 'soft' and not 'shiok' when it hit somebody
· Boy, there were many of us involved I remember there were those from 3D, 3E and other classes as well (I think this did not happen in Sec 4). 1 poor fella got a 'baluku' on his head and almost fainted. (Poor fella) and everything just stopped the very next day. I just wonder what he told his parents!


I remember ....

I remember when I could remember when.......

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I left Malaysia when I was 14.. by a Budding Poet

I left Malaysia when I was 14 & now, in my dotage, I still have some fond & vivid memories of the country & its people Here is my contribution:
  1. Sudden meeting with a stranger.
    Living in Penang, Green Lane
    A man called at the door, quite vain
    And asked if I knew a Dr. Ah Poke
    Who was a friend of Ah Fook.

  2. Abdullah 37
    When I was seven
    I wondered what all the fuss was about Abdullah thirty-seven.
    I then learned that it was a brand of rokok
    Smoked by men wearing songkoks.

  3. Teacher love.
    When I was eleven I fancied my teacher Miss. Chan
    She said I had no chan.
    She was going out with another teacher, Mr. Thurusingum
    So I plastered his car with chewing gum.

  4. The Sikh
    ‘Achar-hay’ said the Bayee-hay
    As he prepared his rattan bed for the night.
    I aimed my catapault to his right
    Pretending I was trying to hit a jay.

  5. Tongkat Ali
    Tongkat Ali was said to have come from Bali
    Walking home up a decrepit alley
    He boasted he had the best soup kambing
    And are we all coming?

  6. The Barber.
    The barber said he was going to make me botak
    And I told him he’s had too much arak.

  7. Chinese & Indians are brothers.
    ‘Chini-Hindi bhai bhai’
    That, I remember, was uttered by Chou-En-Lai.
    And, true, he never told a lie.

  8. In a hurry.
    The mama-man shouted
    ‘Out of my way
    Jaldi! Jaldi!’
    I swore & said
    I was no Fittipaldi.

  9. The Gardener & the bees.
    I was playing with a bee-hive
    When our kebun was going home at five.
    The bees attacked!
    What the heck!
    I ran to my kebun
    Who took over the act
    And saved your dear Boon

  10. My first Indian girlfriend.
    ‘Oh my goodness gracious me!’
    Shrieked my girlfriend Miss. Jalli
    ‘You have ruined my pretty dress
    And just when we are going to the Deli!’
    ‘Undress my dah-li, & we can play at making fa-mi-li
    Oh my goodness disgracious me!’

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Guess Who II?

Guess Who? HINT: At least one of them is a cohort
Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire, Radio City Music Hall, 1935 ?
Cleopatra & Caesar, River Nile, Egypt, 46 bc ?
Juliet & Romeo, Italy, 1763 ?
Beauty & The Beast, Disneyland, 1940 ?
None of the above ?
Select one or Add your own guess by clicking on comments link below
Correct answer and full video to be revealed during the Reunion on August 9, 2008
Great non-prizes to be won!!

bicycling from Mt Rosie to Dhobi Ghaut Polar Cafe

· When I used to ride the bicycle from Mt Rosie to Dhobe Ghaut Polar Cafe to buy cream puff for my neighbours- the Siow girls- Nancy and Jenny
· When I used to attach cigarette paper packs to my bicycle rear fork, so that the wire-spoke would hit the paper and make a rapid flapping noise while riding.
· When I installed brake lamp for the bicycle with a simple contact switching device, and the boys thought I was a genius
· When riding the Honda Sports Cub home daily, have to attack the Chancery Lane bend -next to Lee King Chian's big longkang - till the foot rest scrape the road.
· When watching news black n white TV, newscaster Steven Lee always seemed to be having something in his mouth while reading the news
· When I had my first MW transistor radio, I was so so happy. Yes it was a SONY.
· When it rained on Saturday nights, still expecting bikers down at Shenton Way sarabat stalls. Can't go to sleep without riding there to check things out and feeling satisfied even if no one turned up
· When I didn't have a bike license, had to depend on Tony Gay to pillion me to Shenton Way sarabat stalls and actually looking forward to the riding treats
· When I rode pillion with Tony and we street raced everywhere -from Shenton Way to Changi Point at midnight
· When I 'practise' riding on the Thomson Circuit on Sundays with Feb, Tommy Fang, Ah Keat (Gerry Looi), Beng Hoe and John White Crow
· When I 'upgraded' to driving, my first borrowed mini was a 850 belong to Tony Lim, which I learnt to modify the engine, and proved the result by trashing other mini 850s or stock Cooper on street drags
· When I tried to impress Liz Choo by driving her home in her Austin 1100 - turned the 90* corner really quickly with the help of yanking the handbrake. Yeh really crazy then!
Those were the days my friends........I hoped they'll never end :-)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Attendance data as of 3:45 pm

Teachers expected to attend :

1) Mr Lee Hah Ing (who is now 94 years old and will be addressing us for about 5minutes)
2) Mr Wan Fook Weng ( who will speak for 2 minutes)
3) Mr Lim Choon Mong
4) Mr Earnest Lau
5) Mr Lenn Wei Ling
6) Mr Wee Teow Kee
7) Mdm Kwan nee Seet Ngoh
8) Ms Yeo Chee Kai

Current list of attendees as of 3:45pm
1) Ang Lian Hua
2) Chan Chu Jan Eunice
3) Chan Kwai Choon David
4) Chen Ming Liang, Maynard
5) Cheng Wee Bin, Arthur
6) Chia Larry
7) D' Silva Edward
8) Foo Kam Cheng
9) Foong Hoh Yee, Vera
10) Geh Min
11) Goh Siew Song, Michael
12) Han Him Fong, Charles
13) Ho Ai Lian
14) Ho Kum Koon
15) Hoe Irene
16) Jen Shek Chuen, James
17) Koe Swee Kiok
18) Kwa Kie Tjiong
19) Kwan Wai Meng, Robert
20) Lai Choon Yong, Jim
21) Law Chwee Kiat, Winston
22) Lee Beng Cheng, Billy
23) Lee Voon Ee, Winnie
24) Leong Mun Kien, Patrick
25) Liew Andrew
26) Low Kee Cheong
27) Noorhayati bte Mohd Kassim
28) Motiwalla Juzar
29) Mujtaba M Shahid
30) Mirza Namazie
31) Ng Guan Soon
32) Ng Hwee Miang
33) Ong Cheong Bee
34) Ong Lay Chuan, Patricia
35) Ong Soo Lin, Michael
36) Pang Puay Koon, Dorothy
37) Seet Mary
38) Sim Lee Ling
39) Singh Gurip
40) Singh Manjit
41) Singh Ragbir
42) Sng Leong Soon
43) Tan Aye Neo, Evelyn
44) Tan May Hua, Linda
45) Tan Oen Tsu, Daniel
46) Tan Poey Gee Peggy
47) Tang Boon Teck
48) Tay Boon Sim
49) Tay Kwang Lip, Willie
50) Tham Kok Hoe
51) Toh Choong Fook
52) Toh Choong San
53) Vivekananda Kuhadas
54) Wong Ong Eu, Derrick
55) Ying Siew Hon, Francis
56) Sum Yee Loong
57) Wee Joo Guan, Robert

Program and Dinner Menu

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Current Attendance List

The current is an incomplete list of cohorts who have indicated if they are attending the 40th reunion, or have not been able to be contacted.
It may provide guidance on whether to attend, and to reach out to those whose names are not on the list

NameClassCurrently inAttending?
Ang Lian Hua1a ScSporeAttending
Arthur Cheng Wee BinAustraliaAttending
Chan Chu Jan, Eunice1c ScSporeAttending
Chan Fook Kay1a ArtsRegrets
Chan Kwai Choon
Chen Ming Liang ,MaynardSporeAttending
Chew, Fiona1c ScRegrets
Chong Kim hong Dunno
Chou Oon Kee1b ScRegrets
Chye KiatRegrets
Daniel Tan Oen Tsu SporeAttending
Derrick Wong Ong Eu SporeAttending
D'Silva EdwardSporeAttending
Eric Nagano Regrets
Fang-Ho Ai Lian, 1b ScSporeAttending
Fong Chong Too1b ScDunno
Foo Kam ChengSporeAttending
Foong Hoh Yee,Vera 1c ScSporeAttending
Geh Min, 1b ScSporeAttending
Gn Hiang ChiangRegrets
Han Him Fong (Charles)SporeAttending
Ho Kum Koon SporeAttending
Irene HoeUSAAttending
Jen Shek Chuen, JamesSporeAttending
Joshua ChooRegrets
Koe Swee KiokAttending
Krisha Kumari
Kuok Suon KwongEnglandAttending
Kwa Kie Tjiong (Dr)SporeAttending
Kwan Wai Meng, RobertSporeAttending
Lai Choong Yong, Jim -
Larry Chia1a ArtsSporeAttending
Lau Wan KeongDunno
Law Chwee KiatSporeAttending
Lee Beng Cheong, BillySporeAttending
Lee Voon Ee, Winnie USAAttending
Leong Mun Kien
1A ScSporeAttending
Letty GawMalaysiaRegrets
Liao Yin Yin Kat1b ScRegrets
Liew Andrew SporeAttending
Liew Inn Shean1b ArtsDunno
Lionel Tan.Regrets
Low Kee CheongSporeAttending
Low Poh SimRegrets
Lynn OngRegrets
Mark Kan Shik Chee Regrets
Melvyn TayRegrets
Michael Goh SporeAttending
Mirza NamazieSporeAttending
Motiwalla JuzarSporeAttending
Mujtaba M .Shahid USAAttending
Ng Guan Soon SporeAttending
Ng Hwee MiangSporeAttending
Noorhayati Kassim1c ScSporeAttending
Nora Tay1a ScRegrets
Ong Cheong Bee;Patricia
Ong Lay Chuan;Patricia
Ong Soo Lin;MichaelSporeAttending
Pang Puay Koon;Dorothy
1c ScSporeAttending
Ragbir Singh SporeAttending
Rose VRegrets
Sam AlfredsRegrets
Seet Mary (Mdm)SporeAttending
Sim Lee LingAustraliaAttending
Singh GurdipSporeAttending
Singh Manjit AustraliaAttending
Sng Leong Soon - SporeSporeAttending
Sylvia QuekRegrets
Tan Aye Neo,Evelyn , 1b
Tan Chor Kiang1b ScDunno
Tan May Hua, LindaAttending
Tan Poey Gee Peggy1B ArtsSporeAttending
Tang Boon TeckSporeAttending
Tay Boon Sim,MichaelSporeAttending
Tay Willie K. L1c ScSporeAttending
Tham Kok HoSporeAttending
Tham Seng Hoi Dunno
Toh Choong FookSporeAttending
Toh Choong Sang SporeAttending
Vivekananda KuhadasSydneyAttending
Wan Lye TinRegrets
William MeyerUKRegrets
Wong-Lee Yoke Teng1b ArtsRegrets
Yeo Seow PhongRegrets
Ying Siew Hon FrancisSporeAttending
Yong Mee Lian1b ArtsDunno

queuing mee and "ping miok" ...

· queuing for a plate of mee and a carton of "ping miok" (strawberry milk) at the ACS canteen
· taking a bum boat to one of the islands for a picnic at the weekend, loaded down with buckets, spades, snacks, drinks cooler and so on
· standing at the boundary fence of the Singapore Swimming Club on Tanjong Rhu Road, and remembering that the sea used to be just the other side, and was now half a mile away
· hearing the fertilizer truck coming up the road, the crew shouting "cow dung, cow dung ho!"
· turning on the garden hose on a hot day and soaking everyone
· seeing who could eat the most chicken satay and kutupat at one sitting
· peeling the layers of a kuih lapis and eating them one by one (see:
· making fun of the local sikh jaga's tonchet (turban), then running away while he followed, cursing and waving his stick
· watching the murthaba man preparing the flour and oil, salivating with anticipation
· going out into the garden at night with a torch, then catching all the toads that you could find
· watching your classmates set their fighting ants and beetles at each other
· watching TV in black and white
· going to the wayang
· watching the kavadi carriers during Thaipusam, and wondering why they weren't screaming with pain (see:
· playing chatek during breaks from lessons
· picking rambutans from the trees, and then getting all the ants out of your hair, ears, eyes, nose and clothes
· running across the Padang in the heat of the day to the shade of the trees on the other side
· climbing all over the construction sites, playing at soldiers, then scrounging cigs off the workers
· watching in awe as the black and white ahmah ate her lunch of raw chilies
· throwing stones at the coconuts up the tree, trying to knock one down
· wading home down Bukit Timah in chest-high water, after the longkangs overflowed
· sitting on the first floor of the house after a monsoon downpour, watching the fish swimming around the furniture downstairs
· watching the fighting kites over the kampongs in the late afternoon, battling it out like some world war one dogfight
· smelling the inside of the car after you'd left a durian in the sun on the back seat
· queueing outside the Cathay cinema to see 2001: A Space Odessey when it was first released
· burying your face up to the ears in a slice of chilled watermelon
· going to the hawkers' stalls in the car park opposite Cold Storage in the evenings
· searching through the heaps of red fire-cracker paper during Chinese New Year to find those that had not exploded
· blowing up ants' nests with left-over firecrackers
· standing to attention outside class before lessons, while a scratchy recording of the national anthem was played over the PA system, and someone hauled the flag up the pole
· and for all you nostalgics, go to: and turn on the sound