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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Seasons Greetings from William Meyer Xmas2009

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The soundtrack comes from the 4th track on an album called "Pilgrimage To Santiago" by the Monteverdi Choir / Gardiner( ) . I became interested in this polyphony when I travelled across the Pyrenees from Southern France to Northern Spain's Basque region following the 'Camino de Santiago' which is a series of ancient paths, still used by pilgrims from across Northern Europe to walk, cycle, drive to a town called Santiago de Compostella, where, in the cathedral, they believe St James (Santiago to the Spanish, St Jacques to the French) lies entombed.

It is a very moving experience, seeing literally thousands of young and old pilgrims, some from non Christian faiths sharing this self-changing experience. The music was recorded in churches along 'the Camino', which have been refuges for pilgrims for centuries. Further interesting reading on: . In a few of the simple churches along 'the way', I found myself moved, almost to tears, for no reason at all other than the vibes of the old surroundings. I'm talking lump in the throat, and damp eyes stuff! Just simple, hand-made emotion with the beauty and solitude and a very tangible feel for the spirits of the men, women and children who have passed through for centuries with nothing but veneration in their minds and intentions.

A journey which is, until today, still regarded by many as a great way of self-discovery, regardless of ones spiritual beliefs. I have covered it briefly in the "Rollabout" piece on this website.
Posted on behalf of William Meyer