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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mr Suppiah Sayings

  • Affirmation: "Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better"
  • Advice: "Don't be a fool, man!"
  • Bad Breath: "Amasol" to keep it away

Launch of Febo's arkival site

William Meyers archives of travel around the world is now online ready to be enjoyed by clicking on the title of this post.

Churi Ayam...

  • Remember when Boy Scouts were associated with "Churi Ayam"?
  • Sad to say, in all the years I was a scout, the opportunity to "Churi" any "Ayam"s never came up
  • The score stands as follows: Ayam - 1 ; Scouts - 0

Physics ..

  • collecting and chasing mercury droplets in the hand before knowing that it was toxic
  • focusing sunlight onto various body parts to test power of magnifying glass
  • growing sugar, potash alum, and copper sulphate crystals

When the best Indian rojak was in...

· When the best Indian rojak was in Waterloo Street (but had to go in a group, SJI boys would pick a fight with any ACS guy!)
· When we would slide down the slope to the football field at ACS Barker Rd (now a multi storey car park I think!)
· When the meeting place for boyfriend/girlfriend was @ Capitol Magnolia snack bar
· When there was a bus company called STC (Singapore Traction Company)
· When flats were called SIT flats (Singapore Improvement Trust)
· When we used to go to Kallang Airport to watch BOAC Dakota planes land and take-off
· When weekend fun was a visit to Great World or New World or Happy World amusement parks
· When we teenagers would save for weeks to go to a 'tea dance' @ Princess Garni(?) or Golden Venus
· When we pontang school to watch the first Grand Prix at Upper Thomson Rd (1960?)