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Friday, August 15, 2008

[ACSians] Where is Maggie Mason...

From Winnie Lee

Hi: all these amateurish efforts looking for Maggie.... Yesterday, I contacted the guy associated with the Singapore alumni branch of McGill University and he forwarded my requested to McGill University Alumni Association who responded and also forwarded my request to Maggie.

Now, we wait. A brief thank you to all of you for that Singapore hospitality, AND especially our friend from Daikin AC. I counted more than 20 Daikin units at my brother's home and he says they all work perfectly! Kept me very comfortable.


  1. Hello Winnie, we waited with bated breath for the response from Maggie M. Any response so far from the elusive M M ?


  2. Winnie's computer is down right now, but no response so far - howe ver, watch for more nostalgic pictures of long ago of the elusive M M which will be placed soon on this blog!!

  3. Hmmm, its been more than a month since we held our breath to wait in excitement. Now we should breathe easier and get on with whatever in life. LOL just kidding.