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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Febo's Travel Blog: Our Big Rollabout - September 2007

William Meyer's Big trip in September 2007
Febo's Travel Blog: Our Big Rollabout - September 2007

Missing in Action

Where were you Sylvia Lim, Lee Yoke Teng, and Rebecca Lim and most of the gang in Arts A and B? At least Lynne Ong had planned to be with us. She had a major rethink because airline fuel surcharges made her trip home horribly expensive. And then she had a rather spectacular road accident that totalled her car and settled the question. She had a miraculous escape after her car ended up under a lorry.

Mirza reported that one of our Arts classmates said she wasn't attending because this was a "science students' party".  It wasn't.  But it nearly became one. So the turnout was Science A 47%, Science B 29%, Science C 42%,  Arts A  12% and Arts B 8%. [official stats here]

Among those who did attend, instantly recognizable was Arthur Cheng, still handsome and trim with no apparent greying (or was it hair to dye for?).
Among the very nearly unrecognizable was  Vivekananda, now with perfectly white hair.

And the women? The women looked fabulous. Count Geh Min,. Fang Ai Lian, Mary Seet, Evelyn Tan and Ang Lian Hua among the ones who could step right back into their school uniforms and still look the part. Darn!
Mary Seet made a late entrance, after attending the National Day Parade, embraced Arthur Cheng. enthusiastically, and declared for all to hear: "Arthur! My first boyfriend!!!"
Her other ex, Eric Nagano, wasn't around to get jealous. .

Edward d'Silva and Kwan Wai Meng were among those who signed up but didn't show up. There was one empty table and seemed to be several others with empty seats. Alamak, why like dis lah!
If you didn't come to the reunion, it was actually two parties you missed.
Mirza had invited the organizing committee plus spouses and all the overseas contingent to his home for dinner the following night.
On Saturday night at the Tanglin Club, he continued issuing invitations. So most of the gang ended up poolside at his house in Bukit Timah on Sunday night.   Even Wai Meng showed up (from his house next door) when almost everyone had left.
So he also missed the hipswivelling, pelvic thrusting, madly gyrating  performance of the Class of 68's own minstrel Andrew Liew, who was persuaded to get his guitar out of his car boot and let 'er rip.
Yep, the boy's still crazy after all these years. Andrew's busy establishing an ACS Class of 1968 outpost in Doha, Qatar, with Joshua Choo. Doha? Think sand. Lotsa sand. Think sun. Think 45 deg C heat.

Post reunion note: Andrew, on his return to Doha, had dinner with Joshua (who runs Palm Beach Restaurant there).
Joshua cooked and Andrew ate, we are told.  We have it on the most reliable authority that Andrew is as hopeless in the kitchen as he is fun at a party.
Hope to see you at the next one.


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