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Thursday, August 7, 2008

hantam bola...

Can you remember how the hantam bola sessions stopped?
· Well the sessions started with rubber balls, then soft balls (those white balls with furs played by softball players) and then graduated to can you remember what? ----------'GOLF BALLS!'. I can't remember who but this nut (if anyone can remember please inform me) brought along his father's golf ball as the softballs were too 'soft' and not 'shiok' when it hit somebody
· Boy, there were many of us involved I remember there were those from 3D, 3E and other classes as well (I think this did not happen in Sec 4). 1 poor fella got a 'baluku' on his head and almost fainted. (Poor fella) and everything just stopped the very next day. I just wonder what he told his parents!


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  1. "balaku" - is this the same as or short for "buah duku" which I recall was the way to refer to bumps on the head .....