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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

bicycling from Mt Rosie to Dhobi Ghaut Polar Cafe

· When I used to ride the bicycle from Mt Rosie to Dhobe Ghaut Polar Cafe to buy cream puff for my neighbours- the Siow girls- Nancy and Jenny
· When I used to attach cigarette paper packs to my bicycle rear fork, so that the wire-spoke would hit the paper and make a rapid flapping noise while riding.
· When I installed brake lamp for the bicycle with a simple contact switching device, and the boys thought I was a genius
· When riding the Honda Sports Cub home daily, have to attack the Chancery Lane bend -next to Lee King Chian's big longkang - till the foot rest scrape the road.
· When watching news black n white TV, newscaster Steven Lee always seemed to be having something in his mouth while reading the news
· When I had my first MW transistor radio, I was so so happy. Yes it was a SONY.
· When it rained on Saturday nights, still expecting bikers down at Shenton Way sarabat stalls. Can't go to sleep without riding there to check things out and feeling satisfied even if no one turned up
· When I didn't have a bike license, had to depend on Tony Gay to pillion me to Shenton Way sarabat stalls and actually looking forward to the riding treats
· When I rode pillion with Tony and we street raced everywhere -from Shenton Way to Changi Point at midnight
· When I 'practise' riding on the Thomson Circuit on Sundays with Feb, Tommy Fang, Ah Keat (Gerry Looi), Beng Hoe and John White Crow
· When I 'upgraded' to driving, my first borrowed mini was a 850 belong to Tony Lim, which I learnt to modify the engine, and proved the result by trashing other mini 850s or stock Cooper on street drags
· When I tried to impress Liz Choo by driving her home in her Austin 1100 - turned the 90* corner really quickly with the help of yanking the handbrake. Yeh really crazy then!
Those were the days my friends........I hoped they'll never end :-)

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