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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mark Your Visit!

This blog has exceeded expectation given the limited number of people that it relates to. However, it appears that this cohort of ACSians (or at least interest in some of them) is scattered around the world. Visitor logs as well as the maps below give an indication of where visitors are coming from, but so far there have been visitors from the N.American, Australian, African, Asian, and European continents. We are only missing visitors from S. America , Antarctica and Greenland, so we may not yet have any of our cohorts visiting the Polar Bears and the Penguins.

Here is a request: Please indicate where you are visiting from, by clicking on the Comments link on this post, and put in the city, state and country from which you are visiting. You may leave a real name, a pen name, or call yourself anonymous as you wish. No login or registration is required.


  1. hear ye, hear ye
    location: little red dot.

    aiyo, pls add once and not thrice.

  2. Hear ye, hear ye, Anonymous!

    Looks like you are signing in from Singapore. Not sure what you mean by add once and not thrice. The little red dots seem to show on the cities from which visitors came, so all visitors from Singapore City are shown as one dot. In clustermaps, the dot size shows how many visitors, so you can see how big that is!