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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I left Malaysia when I was 14.. by a Budding Poet

I left Malaysia when I was 14 & now, in my dotage, I still have some fond & vivid memories of the country & its people Here is my contribution:
  1. Sudden meeting with a stranger.
    Living in Penang, Green Lane
    A man called at the door, quite vain
    And asked if I knew a Dr. Ah Poke
    Who was a friend of Ah Fook.

  2. Abdullah 37
    When I was seven
    I wondered what all the fuss was about Abdullah thirty-seven.
    I then learned that it was a brand of rokok
    Smoked by men wearing songkoks.

  3. Teacher love.
    When I was eleven I fancied my teacher Miss. Chan
    She said I had no chan.
    She was going out with another teacher, Mr. Thurusingum
    So I plastered his car with chewing gum.

  4. The Sikh
    ‘Achar-hay’ said the Bayee-hay
    As he prepared his rattan bed for the night.
    I aimed my catapault to his right
    Pretending I was trying to hit a jay.

  5. Tongkat Ali
    Tongkat Ali was said to have come from Bali
    Walking home up a decrepit alley
    He boasted he had the best soup kambing
    And are we all coming?

  6. The Barber.
    The barber said he was going to make me botak
    And I told him he’s had too much arak.

  7. Chinese & Indians are brothers.
    ‘Chini-Hindi bhai bhai’
    That, I remember, was uttered by Chou-En-Lai.
    And, true, he never told a lie.

  8. In a hurry.
    The mama-man shouted
    ‘Out of my way
    Jaldi! Jaldi!’
    I swore & said
    I was no Fittipaldi.

  9. The Gardener & the bees.
    I was playing with a bee-hive
    When our kebun was going home at five.
    The bees attacked!
    What the heck!
    I ran to my kebun
    Who took over the act
    And saved your dear Boon

  10. My first Indian girlfriend.
    ‘Oh my goodness gracious me!’
    Shrieked my girlfriend Miss. Jalli
    ‘You have ruined my pretty dress
    And just when we are going to the Deli!’
    ‘Undress my dah-li, & we can play at making fa-mi-li
    Oh my goodness disgracious me!’

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  1. Wow! Our very own Poet. Keep up the good work, and please give us a few more verses!