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Sunday, August 24, 2008

How To Caption & Comment on slide shows

The two photo album slideshows from Shahid's photo collection are actually hosted on Google's Picasaweb, which you can get to by clidking on the slideshows. Once you get there, you have the opportunity of veiws the slides in the original larger size, and also to add captions and comments to the photos, provied you sign in with a Google Account.

Sighting of Kee Chin Heng

With Choon Yong's help, we got in touch with Kee Chin Heng (PU Arts A) who also attended University of Hawaii with me and Jolly Aw (Dorothy Pang's spouse) in the 1970s. Chin Heng lives in California (of course, the rest of us California residents from Singapore didn't know) in the inland valley by Stockton. He promised to meet up with us the next time he visits San Francisco.