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Friday, January 1, 2010

[ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences [1 Attachment]

Dear ACS Friends,

Thank you for all the greetings and news throughout the year. I haven't been active sending messages or on the blog, so decided I would make up for it by sending you the attached, which are my personal reminiscences of my short time in ACS (not intended to be representative, probably full of errors, and no obligation to read).

The period between Christmas and New Year is the only time in the year that I have any "downtime" and it is a luxury for me to write for fun rather than work. 2009 was unusual in that I saw many of you, in many different places, and it's also the year that I was asked to write something (much shorter) for a Singapore volume on the 800th anniversary of Cambridge, one of my other alma maters, so got reflective and nostaglic. I'd written something (much longer) on my MGS days about five years ago, so decided it was time to write something on ACS.

Having the old school magazines and a new scanner to play with also helped, but in the end I had to minimize inclusion of the photoscans in order to keep the document manageable in terms of bytes. Apologies if it clogs up your mailbox anyway, and feel free to delete!

Happy New Year to everyone!


[ACSians] Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

All the best in 2010!!!!

from Jennifer Ng