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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ku char mata ...

  • Often heard among locals, " Ku char mata chengh tuay kor." ("Last time police wore shorts.")

  • When I was a National Serviceman at Paya Lebar Police Station, my corporals and sergeants, those who wore chuli-ayam khaki shorts and over-sized batons swore that Abdullah 37 was one the best. She reputedly was the one who smoked Abdullah 37 with the other lips.

Silicon Gulch Cohort enroute to Reunion

Choon Yong and I were travelling on the same flight and our discussion at SFO airport came to the following conclusion:We were lucky to get tickets on to this flight for $1095 US in May having booked the flight in May when looking for fares. Most travel agents as well as the search engines were quoting higher prices on Singapore and other airlines, and their quotes did not appear to include fuel surcharge and taxes. This low fare was actually found on the Singapore Airlines website. This was a pleasant surprise since we noted that usualy SIA fares commanded a premium.

A bonus was that the trip is on SQ1 leaving SFO after midnight and arriving in Singapore before noon. All round, this is a very convenient flight for departing and arriving. Since it is a direct flight, though not non-stop, there is no change of plane, and less handling of bags and risk of luggage loss or misrouting. The best price offered on the web was $1300 US, and did not appear to include tax. Since SIA did not appear on the fares quotes, it did not appear to be a good viable option. In was in May that Choon Yong found this flight and asked me if there were better flights elsewhere, and since at the time there was nothing that appeared more competitive, even with additional stops, we made reservations on this flight.

The lesson to be learnt - if you are travelling to or through Singapore, check out the SingaporeAir website in addition to all the other travel websites and travel agents you hear or know about. SIA agrees to match any lower price for the same class of travel with same terms and conditions if you get in touch with SIA by 12 midnight Pacific Time of the day on which you paid for the SIA ticket by credit card. Also, SIA seems to be one of the few airlines that has SFO-SIN as a direct flight on the same plane. (Too many times, I have encountered occasions when the flight number is the same but there is a plane change with the corresponding inconvenience of going through immigration and security checks).

See the next post - the flight experience itself

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hantam bola ...

· hantam bola lands in goobak kuey teow soup........again (ACS Barker Rd canteen)
· waiting desperately for miss buchanans class to start
· writing "the future of the world is now in your hands" over the boys urinal