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Monday, February 1, 2010

Geh Min RE: [ACSians] Here's to Reunion 2030

Dear Menon,
Great joke despite the sexist & ageist overtones.
 Sounds like you haven’t changed much after all this time which brings me to my other point which is to remind you all that 60 is the new 40. Comforting for me & I think the majority of you who are turning 60-sorry, I meant 40- this year.
Happy New Year & all the best,
Geh Min

Sonny Menon RE: [ACSians] Here's to Reunion 2030

To All and Sundry,

I am veryconsistent and have always been. That is my hallmark quite to my detriment at times. As such, I am getting to be 50 now since my birth certificate was mistakenly read to be as such when I applied for my US citizenship. I have therefore received a ten year lease on life. I am not arguing. So let it be.

Besides that, I am fighting fit, as a fiddle so to speak and will be happy to don my judogi and take on judokas on the tatami,and their beckoning. Feel free to conact me.

Best Regards,
Mohan Sonny Menon