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Monday, July 21, 2008

New Acsian-Nostalgia Blog

From July 22, 2008 through August 8, 2008 (Singapore time) new blog entries are scheduled to be added daily. The blog entries are to immortalize Nostalgia comments provided and sent to William Meyer by past ACSians (particularly the 1966 Sec 4 cohort and the 1968 PU II cohorts), and presented here by individual contribution. Names of contributors were removed at the request of some of the contributers, but from the headings you may be able to guess who wrote them. If you do recognize your contribution and would like to use a pen name for future contributions, please feel free to do so.

It is presented in sequential order from the compilation provided by Wiliam, and other than having the names and headers removed, in most cases entries survive intact with the original spellings, mispellings and grammer (or lack of). William is proud of this collection, and humbly admits that he has contributed but a small number of entries.

Dates of past contributions are not available, but future contributions will be marked with the posting date and time.

You may add new comments, debate existing comments, or request deletions.

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