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Saturday, August 30, 2008


From:Mirza Namazie
Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 3:00 AM

Dear all

For those of you who attended the reunion dinner on National Day we thank you for doing so and earnestly hope you enjoyed yourself catching up the old times.

For those who were not able to make it we look forward to seeing you at the next reunion.

For the record we had an attendance of 50 out of 188 from the year of 1968 (26.60%) and 7 teachers. The teachers were Mr Lee Hah Ing, Mr Wan Fook Weng, Mr Earnest Lau, Mr Lim Choon Mong, Mr Wee Teow Kee, Mdm Kwan nee Seet Ngoh & Ms Yeo Chee Kai.

We were delighted that the following members of our cohort who reside overseas took the trouble specially to come to Singapore to attend the reunion dinner. They are:

1) Manjit Singh Arts A Sydney
2) Andrew Liew Arts B Qatar
3) Shahid Mujtaba ScA San Francisco
4) Lai Choon Yong Sc A San Francisco
5) Winnie Lee(nka Winnie Lewis) Sc A San Francisco
6) Arthur Cheng Wee Bin Sc C Sydney
7) Sim Lee Ling Sc C Canberra

For the record the attendance by class was as follows:-
Arts A - 5/42 - 11.9%
Arts B - 3/39 - 7.69%
Sc A - 17/36 - 47.22%
Sc B - 10/35 - 28.57%
Sc C - 15/36 - 41.67%

8 members of our cohort who signed up for the dinner did not turn up, 4 of whom have yet to make payment of their dues of $150 each. It would be good if these 4 would send their cheques to Eunice Chan as soon as possible to pass on to the OBA for The Teachers' Retirement Fund for their annual gathering next Monday evening at ACS Barker poolside.

For the record apart from the outstanding amount from these 4 persons, there was a surplus of $2500 which has been paid to the OBA for the benefit of the Teachers' Retirement Fund.

An account of same is set out below:-

Less: Matthew & Mandarins $1500.00
Tanglin Club$5522.55
Photographer$280.00 $7302.55
Balance $2500.00

Mr Lee Hah Ing, Earnest Lau and Wan Fook Weng were good enough spend some time addressing to us.

A book by Earnest Lau was also distributed to all members who were present at the dinner.

We also had lots of fun that evening with Andrew Liew, Noor Quek and Irene Hoe performing and last but not the least the virtuoso performance in ballroom dancing by Shahid who was in so much demand that ticket numbers had to be allotted to the girls queuing up to dance with him.

All Mr Wan could say about his star "nerd" pupil was that "this is what a foreign education does to you".

Till we meet again,

Au Revoir


Organising Committee:-

1) Chan,Chu Jan Eunice Sc C
2) Leong,Mun K ien Patrick Sc A
3) Liew, Andrew Arts B
4) Motiwalla,Juzar Sc A
5) Namazie,Mirza Sc C
6) Ong,Soo Lin Michael Sc A
7) Ong,Lay Chuan Patricia Sc A
8) Quek Noor fka Noorhayati bte Kassim Sc C
9) Tang Boon Teck Sc A

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  1. A big Thank You for the untiring efforts of the organizing committee in putting this all together, and running a surplus to help fund a worthy cause!