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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fighting horse ...

· In primary school, another game we played was "fighting horse" where the bigger boys would carry (piggyback) smaller boys (jockeys) and the jockeys would try to wrestle the others off their "horses”
· And the favourite time was the last day of school when each would bring something and games would be played and food would be shared in class with all.
· And the cheeky/notorious bunch would go to Keok Road coffee shop (upstairs) to have their food and beer, piss into "Kickaboo" drink bottles, seal them back; for them to be sold to unwary customers!!
· Favourite food then was "satay hum" also at Keok Road.

Beach Mansion...

· One of the best times I can remember was during the Summer holidays (June) when we would be invited to the Beach Mansion belonging to the Lai Family at Tanah Merah (way before the Country Club or even the ECP was born...!).
· We had to climb down a rocky path to get to the beach, as the house was way up high. The sea was great then and so was the company... Edwin Lee (who is a good friend now and still calls me "The Green-Eyed Monster during one of his moods), a Japanese boy by the name of Kim (where is he???), a girl from school called Kim Hoalim, Pauline Fong (Eddie Fong's sister), Marianne Wee (Christohper Wee's sister) and myself, not to mention Joan Lai who's house it belonged to.. What fun we had. Then we had to grow up!
· Of course one never forgets the water fights we used to have at the Island Club swimming pool. The pool seemed so big in those days. Now it's so small and abandoned. So sad!