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Friday, September 19, 2008

Tips from Shahid's ACSian Web Tips Blog

Various tips as well as the ability to indicate what you think is important available

How to control Picasa Photo Slideshows?

The photo slideshows are actually hosted on Picasaweb, which is owned and managed by Google. ...more...

[ACSians] Maggie Mason in green swimsuit picture coming!

On ACSian Nostalgia Blog on Sep 22 at 3:33 am is scheduled to appear a picture of Maggie Mason in a green swimsuit waiting to be dunked into a pool of water for the Fun Fair. The treasured photo comes from the archives of one of the other two ladies in the picture, and has been scanned, enhanced and presented for your nostalgic viewing.

While there, you may note that there have been some recent contributions by some of our cohorts on travel and gardening . These were added to the initial topic of Nostalgia messages. In response to comments about difficulty in logging in, there is also a section on Web tips and hints . Since there is so much to write about, we will let democracy rule, and publish hints on the most requested subjects and topics.

The blog has grown a lot since we last met, and also included is a slide show of the 2006 reunion of Sec 4 '66 cohorts . The 2008 reunion still so close in our memories will have a slide show based on the set of photos assembled in the now famous DVD put together by Patrick and with names associated with faces in pictures for you viewing convenience.

If you have the urge to write, comment or ask questions, feel free to do so in the comments section after each posting. If you would like a more permanent presence where you can give free rein to your creativity, a special blog site can be set up for you upon request. It has been found that for starters about 10 articles need to be written to make it meaningful; they can be short, but all relevant to a theme of interest to you, and preferably something that can evoke a response in others. Trying to fill an empty blog can be discouraging, and expecting others to contribute to an empty blog may require a long wait. Remember, the direction of this blog will depend on what people write or the material they contribute - and we have many experts amongst our cohorts that have world and life experience in divers areas - from medicine, to the world economy, to travel in strange and wondrous land, to comments on places to stay, visit, and eat - and this will provide an outlet for individual creativity. Photos and videos can certainly be added, and you can certainly get help in publishing the first few articles.

A copy of this message will also appear on the blog since all messages to the mailing list end up there, awaiting approval for publication.

William Meyer's Nostalgia List

Carefully collected and kept together for years until they saw the light of day here.

[ACSians] Conference

The following is posted on behalf of Linda Lim:

Dear fellow ACSians,
I have been following the reunion and post-reunion events and comments, etc. with interest, and some envy that I could not attend.
I will be making a flying visit to Singapore next month, however, and in case any of you might be interested in attending, attached is info on the public conference at which I will be speaking. I understand it is not an academic conference per se but an annual affair at which economists present their work for a public audience. Given the traumatic financial market developments of the last few weeks, it will be interesting to see how Singapore fares!
If any of you can make it to the conference, I would love to say Hi there.
Link to registration form and program,_._,___

Winnie's Travel Blog

Check out entries on Coffee Houses in Melbourne; Helsinki and Stockholm; Life after Gaudi in Barcelona; Travel Maps; Botanical Gardens; Calling Oyster Fans; Kakulas, William Street, Perth; Visa to India; Belem, Lisbon, Portugal; Charleston, North Carolina, U.S.A.; Hotels in Italy; Getting to Machu Picchu; The Alhambra and Generalife; here