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Sunday, June 27, 2010

From the album of Chin Heng...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

[ACSians] Class of '68 Picture Puzzle - from Febo

  • when was the 'magic reunion' picture taken?
  • name all the reunion-eers
Type your answer RIGHT below, in the Comment Box below, AND add a fitting caption / comment / yukky sound, after (please) typing your name so we know whose iz who's - some ideas to kickstart your creative impulses have already been collected. If you don't put in your name, credit for the contribution will be given to the prolific author "Anonymous" 

Thanks from the Seven Wise Monkeys


Bob's selection 
Did someone say 60
I like ours, hope you like yours

Rex's selection (ok lah!!  KING copi writer)
Underclass of '67
Even Mark Kan would approve(fingers crossed.)
Youth springs eternal in a young person's breath ( for the politically correct.)
Aren't we glad we never got rid of our old uniforms.( AS IF....))
In days of yore...can't remember what that means.
Yahoo's not the only way to come together.
It was only 20,30, 40 years today ( cancel 20 and 30)( Paul M'Cartney eat your heart out.)
Now we dare you to show us yours.
Don't laugh.At least we dared.
Laugh all you want. We had an even bigger one.
Wish you were here.
Before we forget. ...
We always knew... the best was yet to be
" Send me a postcard,drop me a line...before I'm 64."
Blame the photographer.
A chip off the old ACSian blog.

Emblems of grand endeavour
The budding sixties

While we can still remember.
Before we forget what comes after after.
A few more lines for your forum.
Class of '67 going on 70.

ACS past vs present. The battle rages on.
ACS past vs present. No contest.

Adding a few more lines to an ageing forum.
Growing old gracefully is for Rafflesians.
Others grow old. ACSians have still to grow up.

ACS past 7 present 0
Good boys meet bad girls

Bill's selection -
Another uniform fetish party?
School uniforms work better than Botox
A smile a day keeps the wrinkles at bay
Vintage Loh Siew Tian jokes still work well here
After school revision time

Lynne's selection -

Arts B + one
44 years on
Good girls meet bad boys

Sunday, June 20, 2010

[ACSians] Renewed hunt for Maggie Mason : now on

Hello Acsians

Flush with the success of our resourceful classmates in finding one of our missing
classmates, and the suggestion by Bob that we apply our efforts and experience
in locating Maggie Mason, there will be a new list of blog postings on  All emails sent to this yahoogroup also accumulate
at the blog (yes, the blog has a secret email address which is also a member
of the Yahoo Group) awaiting review and publication.

The email address of the sender will not be displayed, and I will remove any
email addresses in the body of the messages to prevent them being harvested
by spambots, and refer to authors by first name only.  If you find that you
are not happy or comfortable with this, please let me know and I will remove
your particular posting.

As mentioned before, it would be great if we locate Maggie Mason; it may be
great if we don't, since it gves us all another project to work on as time and
interest permit, an keeps our tracking and detective skills in good working order.

Some of the leads to be checked out will also be published, and if you have
a message for Maggie, that will be published too - it is the expectation that
the blog may be read by Maggie who will take the steps to contact us.

ACSian Blogger

Maggie Mason up to neck in water:who's she dunking?

Featured: Winnie (Left, in pool), Anwar (Middle, about to drop), Maggie (in pool) appears to be dunking some poor soul (as yet unidentified) - part of the 1968 Fun Fair.
Photo from Winnie's Archives.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Winnie in Yosemite and New York University

The following pictures are provided so that anybody trying to meet Winnie at the airport when she arrives knows what she looks like these days. In addition, in case she sees herself in the mirror, she will be able to compare them with the person staring back at her.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Linda Lim: [ACSians] RE: My latest ST article [1 Attachment]

[Attachment(s) from Lim, Linda included below]

Dear friends,

Attached in case you missed it in last Saturday's Special in the Straits Times on the Economic Strategies Committee--second article on the page (not everyone's cup of tea so no obligation to read!)




1 of 1 File(s)

Noor Quek Re: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences

Happy, healthy and prosperous year of the Metal Tiger. Be brave

From a Metal Tiger Yes..will hit the big 6 this year. Do I care???
Noor Quek (Noorhayati Kassim)

Toh Choong San Re: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences

Yes, I would like to wish one and all a very Happy Chinese New Year. This is especially significant to most of us who were born in the year of the Tiger (1950). For me, last year was my year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai


Mohan Sonny Menon RE: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences

To All and Sundry,

Now we are in the year of the Tiger, let us all pay tribute to the man himself................"Go Be a Tiger"...............wishing you all the best for 2010

Mohan Sonny Menon

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chye Liat Re: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences


To all OLD friends
Kong Hee Fatt Choy. 
Lets all stay healthy and have safe and happy new Tiger year.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Geh Min RE: [ACSians] Here's to Reunion 2030

Dear Menon,
Great joke despite the sexist & ageist overtones.
 Sounds like you haven’t changed much after all this time which brings me to my other point which is to remind you all that 60 is the new 40. Comforting for me & I think the majority of you who are turning 60-sorry, I meant 40- this year.
Happy New Year & all the best,
Geh Min

Sonny Menon RE: [ACSians] Here's to Reunion 2030

To All and Sundry,

I am veryconsistent and have always been. That is my hallmark quite to my detriment at times. As such, I am getting to be 50 now since my birth certificate was mistakenly read to be as such when I applied for my US citizenship. I have therefore received a ten year lease on life. I am not arguing. So let it be.

Besides that, I am fighting fit, as a fiddle so to speak and will be happy to don my judogi and take on judokas on the tatami,and their beckoning. Feel free to conact me.

Best Regards,
Mohan Sonny Menon

Friday, January 29, 2010

Irene: [ACSians] Here's to Reunion 2030

A group of 40-year-old buddies discuss and discuss where they should meet for dinner.

Finally it is agreed that they should meet at the Gausthof zum Lowen
because the waitresses wear low-cut blouses and have nice breasts..

10 years later, at 50, they meet again and once again discuss where they should meet. Finally it is agreed that they should meet at the Gausthof zum Lowen because the food there is very good and so is the wine selection.

10 years later, at 60 years of age, the group meets again and once again they discuss where to have dinner. Finally it is agreed that they should meet at the Gausthof zum Lowen because they can eat in peace and quiet and the place is smoke free.

10 years later, at 70 years of age, the group meets again and once again they discuss and discuss where they should meet. Finally it is agreed that they should meet at the Gausthof zum Lowen because the restaurant is wheelchair-accessible and even has an elevator.

10 years later, at 80 years of age, the group meets again and once again discuss where they should meet. Finally, they decide upon the Gausthof zum Lowen because they have never been there before.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Min RE: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences

Well said Andrew. It’s a beautiful song  & beautifully sung by the schmoos.

Thanks for the memories & warmest(you need them where you are) regards,

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mark Kan Re: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences - reply


for the lost youth...
this was hope !
alluring, enticing, soothing - the solver of ALL problems of life...
San Francisco is THE Mecca of :
love, free love, mind expanding drugs...
this together with Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band...
blew me away in our times...
the days of the Cold War...where either side had the power to blow up the world !
many times over !
the days of the "domino theory" !
IF Vietnam falls to communism than the rest of SE Asia is doomed...
hahaha !
and look what happened ?
the Almighty US of A - LOST !
the world still stands as is !
communism imploded on it's own !
think of the loss of lives, the sufferings of Indochina for decades !
still remember the image of the naked, shrieking girl - napalmed ?
OMG ! WOT A LIE it has all turned out to be !

i was invisible then...
juz a seeming hood from Ah Hood Rd...
altho i view me-self a slightly deeper thinker...
when Low Siew Tien, God bless his soul ( is he dead yet ? )
asked me to "get out of his class "...
i went to the front corner of the class to collect my crash helment...
might as well go down to Keok Rd for my favourite wanton mee lah !
the dry version "kon loh" one !  THE BEST in S'pore then !
and a couple of smokes after lah !
nothing much has changed !
hahaha !

incidentally, Scott Mckenzie also wrote one of me all time fav song :
" So what's the difference "
i am tryin to attach here - if i can find it !
i've failed...

so pardon my impaired's some glimpses of it :

" hey friend wake up ! i'm throwin rocks at your window pane...
  get out of bed, i got something to say...
  so what the difference if we don't go now...
  nobody'll know us in a year or so...
  nobody'll know us for the things we've been thinking...
  so wot's the diffrence if we STAY ? "

so i became a " quitter " in poor Goh Chok Tong's lingo...
his is damned rich no doubt - financially - aren't they ALL now
but poor that he was seat-warming AND
puppeteered from behind by the almighty Lee dynasty !
which is juz my guess...ok ?
no need to go the the ISD for dat !
i have connections there too - of my own !

hahahaha !

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rex Hu RE: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences

Hi folks, 

There's another less flattering but more flatulent version that comes to mind.....
How many beans are there in the jar 
How many beans can you see
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Noor Quek Re: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences

Hehe indeed words did not mean a thing then and perhaps not even now except for Dont Worry be Happy. What's impt was and still is the song and sometimes the singer/singers. Remember the Shmoos?




Andy Liew Re: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences

Hi Rose,
Stop apologising!
Wat's important is that Blowing is a beautiful song, relevant then, relevant now, and relevant always.
Warmest regards from the what must be the coldest place in China (Tang-minus 16 degrees- shan)

Rose VAITHINATHAN Re: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences

er... and words, even if we didnt fully comprehend them...

Rose Vaithinathan Re: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences

ya but then again i think i may have sounded rather pretentious
and prob got my dates a bit upside down, not being a history student and all...
i spose I couldnt resist some reminiscing too...

cant be as comprehensive and correct as LInda

hey Linda , forgot to say well done !

Dr Rose Vaithinathan

Noor Quek Re: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences

Was certainly nice to be so innocent then and sing because we loved the mood , company and tunes.


Sent from my iphone
Noor Quek


William Meyer Re: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences

So true Rose!!
I remember listening to Dylan for the 1st time at Letty's house - I've been a fan ever since, although his more recent stuff doesn't grab me as much.  Listening to 'Chimes of Freedom' prompted my first REAL understanding of the word 'underdog' 
Have you ever heard Edie Brickell's version of Hard Rain?
Pity about the album cover!!
Peace for ALL in 2010,
William Meyer


Rose VAITHINATHAN Re: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences


re  "Blowing in the Wind " I think it's not correct to say that " ...we didnt realise (it) was anti-Vietnam war".
It was impossible, almost, to be unaware at that time.  '67- '68 was probably the height of the  war , which was in the news all the time with recurrent reports about draft dodging, flag burning, the antiwar movement in the US, Martin Luther King's and others' views, the offensives and Spore's (evolving) position on the war. We had US soldiers' R&Rs in Spore (Serene Centre  near Eugene's house where we used to practice was involved ) and other daily reminders. We knew that hundreds of 'protest' songs (besides B in the W ) were spawned from that war and Joan Baez and other singers were arrested for their protests .

But the lyrics of B in the W (and other 'protest' songs) were also true to what we and most (idealistic) young people could identify with - ie anti-war in general , and pro-peace, freedom and feeling a fellow man's suffering . So the songs became universal, and, may I say, a wonderful privilege to sing .


Friday, January 1, 2010

[ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences [1 Attachment]

Dear ACS Friends,

Thank you for all the greetings and news throughout the year. I haven't been active sending messages or on the blog, so decided I would make up for it by sending you the attached, which are my personal reminiscences of my short time in ACS (not intended to be representative, probably full of errors, and no obligation to read).

The period between Christmas and New Year is the only time in the year that I have any "downtime" and it is a luxury for me to write for fun rather than work. 2009 was unusual in that I saw many of you, in many different places, and it's also the year that I was asked to write something (much shorter) for a Singapore volume on the 800th anniversary of Cambridge, one of my other alma maters, so got reflective and nostaglic. I'd written something (much longer) on my MGS days about five years ago, so decided it was time to write something on ACS.

Having the old school magazines and a new scanner to play with also helped, but in the end I had to minimize inclusion of the photoscans in order to keep the document manageable in terms of bytes. Apologies if it clogs up your mailbox anyway, and feel free to delete!

Happy New Year to everyone!


[ACSians] Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

All the best in 2010!!!!

from Jennifer Ng