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Thursday, June 25, 2009

[ACSians] Sheikh Rattle and Roll

Fresh from his sojourn in Qatar, Sheikh Rattle and Roll a.k.a. Andrew Liew announced his return home with an evening of howling good fun at Chez Andrew in Katong.
It counts as a reunion because San Mun Lock (now known more commonly - that is, boringly - as Bob) and Irene Hoe (who's always been known by that name) were there to celebrate his emergence from the desert of Doha.
Well, to hear Andrew tell it, it was all work work work in Doha and completely devoid of char kway teow, babi assam, tah mee pok, fish head curry, char siew rice, ham, ngo hiang, har kow, siew mai, babi pong teh, bacon, xiao long bao, roast suckling pig and Hainanese chicken rice.
Wah piang! No wonder it was a desert lah.
So this sheikh did shed some weight in the desert. But he doesn't recommend it as a way to lose weight since it makes you want to make up for lost encounters with char siew etc once you return to Singapore.
To make up for the lost weight, he bought a new guitar (Hey, YOU ask him how that compensates) which he played on Saturday night.

posted on behalf of Irene Hoe