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Monday, July 21, 2008

About this Blog

The dates and times are in Singapore Time, and may appear strange if in some other country. The reason is unproven unverified hypothesis that the center of mass of cohorts is in Singapore.

It was pointed out that it was not clear who started this blog, and which year it is for. acsian-blogger is pen name of Shahid who originated this blog together with the related website, and some postings are done using that name, especially if they were posted on behalf of someone else.

This site is dedicated to the 1966 Sec 4 cohort and the 1968 PUII cohort of ACS Barker Road. At the time we were there, there was only the Coleman St school and the Barker Road school; Independent School and ACJC all came later.

Blogs and webs are a different way of communicating than the way we used to communicate by letter and words, and is a great way of distributing information.

The name was chosen because it seemed most appropriate for the posts initially started off with. Depending on the content and who posts, renaming the blog to more accurately reflect the postings is a perfectly valid option.


  1. This is a FYI for those interested in ancient history. Its actually part of an email response to an enquiry by Pang Kim Hin Class of 65/67

    I guess I am fortunate to be associated with ACS classes O level 65 & 66 as well as for 3 months with the P.U. class of 67 and later with the P.U. Class of 68. Twice as many friends?

    Winnie may not be aware that I repeated O level in 66 for obvious reasons or as Greta Lee (Choo) kindly referred to as my honor' class (I flunked English remember?)

    So I can associate with both groups. My primary 'allegiance' has always been with class of 65/67 because I spent many more years with them than with the 66/68 group.

    I trust this will clear the air - I think for Winnie's benefit more than for Kim Hin.

    Give my regards to Bob San, Wee Gee and the old gang of 65/67

    Chin Heng