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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


· when an ice-ball cost 10 cts; and you could buy half for 5 cts.
· when the max bus fare for "children" was 10cts.
· when "roti manis" meant a cane.
· when we hid behind the door when we were made to stand outside class
· when we went to Chinese Wayangs to eat a plate of see-ham for 10 cts
· when we could spin a "tee-kam, tee-kam" to see if we can get 2 or 3 scoops of durian ice cream for the price of one : 5 cts
· when you look for Elastoplasts if you had a cut or blister you are more likely to find a spider and 2 leaves in an Elastoplast tin than plaster
· when marble was something you carried in your pocked, rather than walk on (or lie beneath)
· when "goondu" did not mean stupid, but your prized marble
· when you could be expelled from school for saying "f--k"
· when you could tell the tide half a mile before you reached Singapore / Kallang River
· when there were tong-kangs traffic jams on the Singapore and Kallang Rivers
· when there were more trishaws than taxis
· when one could share a taxi from Rochor Rd or Bugis Street to ACS for 40 cts

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