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Sunday, June 20, 2010

[ACSians] Renewed hunt for Maggie Mason : now on

Hello Acsians

Flush with the success of our resourceful classmates in finding one of our missing
classmates, and the suggestion by Bob that we apply our efforts and experience
in locating Maggie Mason, there will be a new list of blog postings on  All emails sent to this yahoogroup also accumulate
at the blog (yes, the blog has a secret email address which is also a member
of the Yahoo Group) awaiting review and publication.

The email address of the sender will not be displayed, and I will remove any
email addresses in the body of the messages to prevent them being harvested
by spambots, and refer to authors by first name only.  If you find that you
are not happy or comfortable with this, please let me know and I will remove
your particular posting.

As mentioned before, it would be great if we locate Maggie Mason; it may be
great if we don't, since it gves us all another project to work on as time and
interest permit, an keeps our tracking and detective skills in good working order.

Some of the leads to be checked out will also be published, and if you have
a message for Maggie, that will be published too - it is the expectation that
the blog may be read by Maggie who will take the steps to contact us.

ACSian Blogger

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