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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rose VAITHINATHAN Re: [ACSians] Happy New Year, and Reminiscences


re  "Blowing in the Wind " I think it's not correct to say that " ...we didnt realise (it) was anti-Vietnam war".
It was impossible, almost, to be unaware at that time.  '67- '68 was probably the height of the  war , which was in the news all the time with recurrent reports about draft dodging, flag burning, the antiwar movement in the US, Martin Luther King's and others' views, the offensives and Spore's (evolving) position on the war. We had US soldiers' R&Rs in Spore (Serene Centre  near Eugene's house where we used to practice was involved ) and other daily reminders. We knew that hundreds of 'protest' songs (besides B in the W ) were spawned from that war and Joan Baez and other singers were arrested for their protests .

But the lyrics of B in the W (and other 'protest' songs) were also true to what we and most (idealistic) young people could identify with - ie anti-war in general , and pro-peace, freedom and feeling a fellow man's suffering . So the songs became universal, and, may I say, a wonderful privilege to sing .


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