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Thursday, September 25, 2008

White Rabbit

Was there anyone who did not buy and eat White Rabbit candy from the Chinese Emporium in the 1960s? Fortunately for us during those times, plastic melamine was more expensive than milk. I began NOT buying foodstuffs from China more than a decade ago, even when manufactured by the more familiar names like Yeo Hiap Seng. In Australia, their soy bean drinks are canned, not in Singapore, but in China. In the U.S., Yeo's soy bean drinks are canned in Thailand but I still look at the label each time I make a purchase that they are. There are several soy sauce brands and sesame oils that are manufactured in Japan by Kikkoman; Canada also exports a wide variety of Chinese cooking products. Australia produces wonderful organic buckwheat noodles for the Japanese brands. You can also buy rice noodles made in Vietnam.


  1. Don't recall the White Rabbits, but dimly recall the Chinese Emporiums that popped up around town. What did they eventually morph into?