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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Links to Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix - Big Pictures
"Formula One Racing held its 800th race on Sunday in Singapore,with the Singapore Grand Prix - also the first Formula One race held at night. Organizers built, then lined a 5 kilometer track with over 1,600 lamps, said to be four times brighter than those used at football stadiums. Twenty drivers drove 61 laps for a total of 309 kilometers at speeds sometimes approaching 300 kilometers per hour - in a country that once banned the sport, in part for promoting reckless driving.  Driver Fernando Alonso of Renault won the race with a time of 1:57:16.304."
- September 29, 2008

Singapore the big winner in first night grand prix
- September 29,2008

Singapore hopes F1 will rev up economy
-  September 29,2008

2008 Singapore Grand Prix
 - Wikipedia Entry

And from Singapore based websites...
Singapore Grand Prix

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