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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dinner in Palo Alto with Kee Chin Heng (PU Arts) on August 29, 2008

Like a bad penny, Kee Chin Heng turned up for dinner in Palo Alto to eat with 1966 PU II Acsians on August 29, 2008. (Lai) Choon Yong (with spouse Julia) and Shahid (Mujtaba) attended with Winnie (Lewis) hosting. With summer temperatures in the 90sF (or high 20sC) we ate a copius amount of rojak, among other salads followed by fruits, cake and panne cotta.

Chin Heng lives in the California Central Valley in a small town of Escalon, near Stockton (for those of us who watched "Big Valley" in the 1960s) about 1.5 hours drive from the California coast. He teaches High School. He does return home to Singapore, missing our 2008 reunion because his teaching schedule got in the way.

After the initial conversation during which everyone is updated of the lives and times of others, Chin Heng went down the list of his old girlfriends (no names but you gals know if you were on the list) and the rest of us assured him that they were as beautiful today as he remembers them. He shook his head with great regret remarking that his one great "love" at 18 would surely reject and even spit on him today. No, we assured him earnestly, she wouldn't spit on him, but certainly would reject him!

Great to see that after 35 years of not seeing each other, Winnie and Chin Heng immediately launched on the same dissing and insulting dialogue commonly spew among our class members!

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