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Sunday, August 3, 2008


· I had a great childhood running around the undeveloped places round the neighbourhood like a little wild hooligan together with Sandy, Rodger & the neighbourhood gang. At one point we called ourselves the "Q Bike" gang after stuff we read in the 'Beano' & 'Dandy' comic books....of course none of us had a bike but that did not matter!
· EuVilla was still standing then & I remember Sandy held a "haunted castle" party there...very daring! everyone had to bring a date & a candle!! I was precocious & allowed to accompany my parents who got there early when the party was just starting to make sure folks were behaving themselves etc. before said kid sister had to "get lost" so she would not cramp big brother's style! Chair Bah....steady one dair.... ;-)
· Fresh baked bread delivered daily in little van - "Joo"
· First drive-in theatre that opened only for about a couple of months
· all the fountains with their changing colours on the round-abouts that exitsted then: Marco Polo hotel, newton circus, Scotts/Paterson....
· the banana split at magnolia ice cream bar
· Some fab F&B places that disappeared: Trioka restaurant; Gino's A go go; Downtown;
· My first "Barbarella" disco experience!
· Police guy in his khaki shorts standing on wooden box directing traffic at the cross junctions
· Trawling for the perfect Parker fountain pen for Father's Day from the shops along brash basah rd. to Victoria street
· All the fish aquarium shops along Selegie Rd from Cathay theatre down to Mt.Sophia rd
· Mom's favourite coffee ice cream came in a brown bag in a round metal tin(!) from shop on corner of victoria/brash basah
· Ngee Ann Building was a block of residential apartments
· First TV transmission was in black/white & lasted 2-3 hours only per day- rest of time was test pattern that we kept faithfully hypnotically watching to wait for it to burst into life again- Rolf Harris "Tie me kangaroo down sport" was a favoured repeat.....
· clanging bell of neighbourhood ice cream man- 50cents for a cleavered wedge between 2 wafers~ yum!
· When the town convent CHIJ was at Victoria Street & St.Margaret's was considered a "2nd choice" school!
· When fireworks were not banned and roads were lined w/a carpet of red firecrackers being thrown down, around & underneath passing cars!!
· How about the cool "Donald Moore Gallery" at LiatTowers
· And lets not forget the following too.......
- original satay club was single alley along beach road......
- sunday tiffin lunch at Cockpit Hotel...
- the snake charmer in front of old Raffles Hotel.....
- and Hey how about those hotels/landmarks that disappeared: Tropicana; Hotal Singapura; Adelphi Hotel (they had the best french pastries & first patisserie!)......
- When "7 Storey" Hotel was pretty swank & ok place to book visitors in!

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  1. Ha Ha Ha .... Q-Bike gang terrorizing the neighborhood racing around on non-existent bikes.

    And the famous Tropicana with the Rooster in front, where you had to get really dressed up to go see others undress....