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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fighting horse ...

· In primary school, another game we played was "fighting horse" where the bigger boys would carry (piggyback) smaller boys (jockeys) and the jockeys would try to wrestle the others off their "horses”
· And the favourite time was the last day of school when each would bring something and games would be played and food would be shared in class with all.
· And the cheeky/notorious bunch would go to Keok Road coffee shop (upstairs) to have their food and beer, piss into "Kickaboo" drink bottles, seal them back; for them to be sold to unwary customers!!
· Favourite food then was "satay hum" also at Keok Road.

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  1. Not to forget the rooster fighting where the objective has to hold one leg, hop around on the other leg, and make the other person fall or put down the other leg. No hands or arms allowed, only body weight - come to think of it, biting was not against the rule but doubt anyone did it.. hahaha..