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Sunday, July 27, 2008

In Days of Yore

I heard our school Anthem had the same tune as the Canadian National Anthem but never checked it out until now to see if this was true. A google search found that the word phrasing appears similar, but the melody itself sounds different from a song called "The Maple Leaf Forever"

Anyone with additional insight into this matter would do us all a favor by sharing such knowledge.

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  1. From

    School anthem and Coat of Arms
    The school's anthem was written by teacher Henry Martyn Hoisington in 1926. It is adapted from the Canadian unofficial National Anthem, The Maple Leaf Forever and has served over the years as a means of bonding between students and alumni, evoking as it does memories of attending the institution.

    These are the lyrics of the school anthem:

    In days of yore from Western Shores
    Oldham dauntless hero came
    And planted a beacon of Truth and Light
    In this Island of the Main
    Here may it stand from year to year
    Emblem of grand endeavour
    The regions round echo the sound
    Of ACS forever!
    Sing ACS forever more,
    Our ACS forever.
    God save our land and heaven bless
    Our ACS forever.
    Our students hail from China's Plains
    And the Land of Rising Sun
    We have many sons from India's Strand
    And the Islands of the Main
    Our hearts our hopes our aims are one
    No discord e'er will sever.
    We'll stand together for the cause
    Of ACS forever!
    (Repeat chorus)
    Drawing inspiration from the anthem, Dr Yap Pheng Geck designed the school arms in 1930.

    Placed in chief azure above the three letters of the school name is a golden creature with a lion's head, eagle's wings and a dragon's body with claws, representing that fact that the School was founded when Singapore was a British colony, by an American Methodist mission and during the Qing Dynasty in China. Technically, this creature is an heraldic wyvern.

    The lower part of the field consists of two panels, blue and gold, which represent heaven and earth. The colours also symbolize both spiritual and material accomplishment. The letters "ACS" in red symbolize life forming a bridge between both; they also symbolize the blood of Christ uniting heaven and earth. In addition to the school name, the letters ACS are also variously said to spell out Academic achievements, Christian Character, and Sportsmanship or Service beyond self. Finally, the overall shield shape represents the knightly virtues of chivalry, honour, loyalty, valour and manliness.