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Sunday, July 27, 2008

April Fool's Day

The First Day of the month was when the school fees were collected and sent to the office.
One year, an announcement came in mid morning saying that no more coins would be accepted for school fees. It sounded pretty ugly. As a side note, the principal or vice-principal added "Poor Mr Anai has been counting 1c coins all morning".......

Why is this amusing? It is because this prank seems to appear not every year but through every generation of students. I only heard this once...... but the link to the ACS Class of 1979 website describes the same thing happening in 1977, and it sounds like they think the School Admin was surprised -- I doubt very much this was new to the teachers and principal/ vice-principal but it appears they good naturedly played along with this prank.........

check out this link to "Tall Stories" of Class of 1979

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