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Sunday, March 6, 2011

[ACSians] RIP Mr Earnest Lau

From Linda Lim:

I am so glad that I met with Mr Lau at his home on Feb. 12 during my previous short visit to Singapore, when I heard he had been ill. We had a "good chat" as he called it in an email afterward, focused on his abiding passion for educating young people. Another ACSian, Hsieh Fu Hua, dropped by at the same time and joined in the conversation.

Mr. Lau was very much himself then, with the strong voice, sharp intellect and thoughtful insights--as ever. He made a big and lasting impact on many of us in many ways. In recent years I had visited him to write an article on his late mother, who was the first Singaporean to graduate from the University of Michigan, where I work, and to discuss my ACS and MGS reminiscences which (as a historian) he enjoyed and lodged with the Methodist Archives where he worked. He told me he was still writing.

It was a long time ago that he was in our lives but I will still miss him. His influence -if unrecognized then - is probably one reason for my choosing the academic profession, as he was such a role model and inspiration as scholar and teacher.

Linda Lim

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