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Saturday, March 5, 2011

[ACSians] RIP Mr Earnest Lau - posted by Irene

Death of an ACS legend

Mr Lau died this evening (Saturday). He was 84. He'd had a pacemaker implanted on Tuesday. Several of his former students had visited him recently. One of them who telephoned him on Friday to find out how he was after the operation said he told her that he felt "very tired".

When I unearthed a stack of The Listener years after moving out of my family home, I couldn't help but think of Mr Lau. I had hung on to those magazines figuring that one day I'd get to finish reading them. I can't blame Mr Lau for my packrat habits but he is solely and absolutely responsible for my enduring addiction to the BBC. Forty-plus years down the road and I'm still hooked.

Thank you, Mr Lau. I'm going to miss you.

The wake will be held in the Regency Room at the Singapore Casket Company. Services on Sunday (Rev Dr Norman Wong) & Monday (Rev Gabriel Liew). The funeral will take place on Tuesday 8 Mar afternoon at Mandai (time and hall to be announced).

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