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Thursday, July 31, 2008

How to add comments to this blog

It would be nice to know if you are visiting from around the world if you leave your mark. However, the problem with most open guest books is that they are quickly filled by spambots telling you where to get insurance, mail order brides, body part and performance enhancing pharmaceutical ... which though interesting to our cohorts, pretty much drown out the comments of our friends and well-wishers.

Any legitimate comments to posts or to comments will be published after being moderated. When you click on the comments link at the end of an entry, you are taken to a screen where you can make a comment and then choose how and if you choose to reveal your identity or pen name.

If you have a Google Account (which is based on a valid email address, not necessarily a GMail address) you can associate a pen name with that account for this blog. Each time you use that Google Account, your pen name will show up, and optionally, you can display your profile. Your email address itself will not show up if you choose.

Another way is to use OPEN ID which won't be discussed further here

A third way is to just put in your name or pen name which will appear as entered with no additional information required.

The fourth way is to call yourself the famous prolific writer called "Anonymous".

All of these require that you recognize a string of distorted characters or numbers from an image - the idea is that computers will find it more difficult to recognize these than a human being. However, sometimes it is so difficult to interpret that it may b easier to write a program to check it out for you....

Additional information added Aug 2. The word recognition exercise has been temporarily suspened because some visitors could not get the image to show up. For now, you can post without showing you are not a machine

Coming soon.. how to add new posts ... how to contactg blog owner


  1. I m a machine,
    m I getting thru loud n clear?

    inspired by
    Bob Hope - who on first arrival in Russia, banged on the walls of his hotel suite, demanding to know from the powers that be in those days if he was coming through loud and clear.

  2. Yes, guest machine, you got through loud and clear....something that those non-machine humans are having trouble doing...... :-)

  3. P.S. How did the Russian powers that be respond to that banging on the walls?

  4. the walls started recording

  5. Now wouldn't it have been great if in addition to recording, the wall had replied, "no you are not coming through loud n clear, there's no KGB here listening to you, and nobody knows Bob Hope is here, and nobody even heard of Bob Hope" !