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Monday, September 22, 2008

40th Reunion Video Presentation

Compiled and edited by Patrick Leong


  1. Congratulations and compliments on a job very well done! One advantage of watching it in a browser rather than a modern TV screen in cinemascope is that people look taller and skinnier than on the wide frame!!

  2. Hello ACSians and Patrick,

    Winnie, Chin Heng, and I had the opportunity of viewing Choon Yong's copy of the DVD this afternoon (it is still Sunday in Silicon Gulch, Ca) and totally impressed with the result of Patrick's work and expertise, and we all enjoyed watching the tapes and guessing who was who until all was revealed at the end. The pictures from the class photos of 1968 that were laid alongside the pictures of people was a great touch.

    It is now the latest addition to though the quality is not quite up to what Patrick generated, but the advantage is that you can view it on the web from anywhere with a web browser.

    Thanks for all the hard work, Patrick!

    writing on behalf of Winnie, Chin Heng, and Choon Yong

  3. Fellow Cohorts,

    Thank you for all the wonderful memories the CD brings with it. Patrick and Shahid, my best regards,

    Mohan ...

  4. Dear fellow ACSians and Patrick,

    The pictures bring back lots of happy memories.
    I wish everyone good health and happiness

    Thanks for the pictures .

    ... Hiang Chiang

  5. Hi everyone,

    I'd like to thank Boon Teck for getting Mathew and The Mandarins to perform at the dinner. I really enjoyed that. I got to know this group way back in the seventies when they were performing at The Peacock Bar at the Shangri-la Hotel. I was impressed by the fact that the largely American audience would specially go to the venue early to book good seats to tape record their performance. They were instrumental in my getting to love Country and Western songs, as they used to call it.

    Thanks Boon Teck

    Gratefully yours

    Choong Fook

  6. Me too. Me too.

    A few years ago I tracked them to the Hotel Negara and enjoyed an evening listening to them. When they found that I was celebrating my wedding anniversary that night, they played a song specially for us (me and my wife).Cheers Boon Teck. Hip hip hooray.

    Choong Fook

  7. And there I was at the Tanglin Club unashamedly singing along to Singapore Cowboy.
    Used to go to Shangri-la just to listen to him.