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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yardley Brilliantine Pomade ...

· Yardley Brilliantine Pomade - the green sticky stuff for hair thats in a small low round glass jar with gold-colour metal cap. Years later came Tancho from Japan. Also that time Brylcream and Vaseline were figthing for market share, of course Brylcream was the market leader.
· Yea, for trousers, the tigther the better, must be no pleats, remember I proudly owned a pair of and-coloured stretch levis jeans which I wore and wore and wore.
· Milk Bars - Magnolia milk bar at the old cold storage in Orchard Road, Capitol Cinema, Mont Dor at Ngee Ann flats where the original Mazda showroom was opposite FitzPatricks.
· Yes, tea dance at Princess Hotel Garni and Golden Venus, where the richer had babycham and the less endowed ordered bacardi coke, the guys drank the bacardi and the girls the coke to save money.
· Talentime - Remember Andrew Liew participated and came very close to winning. Then there were the 3 chubby girls, think they called themselves Petals, and the guy with the Tom Jones, Engelbert Hum pa lang tak voice who won 1 year, can't remember his name though.
· Thunderbirds, Flybaits, Crescendo, Naomi & The Boys (sixteen Candles).
· Monthly Movie News and weekly Students World newspaper that I just can't wait to lay my hands on.
· Kept fishes, bred them to sell to fish-shops for pocket money, kau-hoong or live worms which you coiuld get for 5cts or go to longkang use thread to catch.
· Redifusion, and the famous Lay Tai Sor story-teller. Pavilion cinema in Orchard Road, see Sunday matinee for 50cts.
· Hantam bola, badminton, basketball for me. Volleyball at ACS which I never got to play.
· Bicycle racing around the circuit surrounding ACS Barker Road quadrangle, and John King for his magnificent size always outraced everyone. That time Robin Hood brand bicycle and Shimano never heard of.
· Catching big black ants in school by sticking thin blade of grass in anthole, pull off their feelers and let them fight to the death.
· Chinese New Year firecrackers, WALAU really the bestest. Shoot rockets at each others house and frigthening the girls with the little round bomb that explodes loudly when you throw it hard against the floor.


  1. Seem to recall Tancho Pomade and Tancho Tique commercials....all that greasy stuff before the non-greasy VITALIS showed up.... are these creems, pomades, still popular?

  2. With Vitalis you dont have to wash your pillow case

  3. .. and not to forget the string of firecrackers from the top of 7th story SIT flats on Chap Go Meh....

  4. Lay Tai Sor stories between 5 and 6 in the evenings were the prelude to the crouching dragon movies, except they were so much better for the imagination and set me up to speak proper Cantonese which was invaluable when I spent a few years working in HongKong