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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When swimming in McRichie Reservoir...

· When swimming in McRichie Reservoir could mean getting chased by wardens, and loosing your clothes which were left on the bushes
· When sunbathing on the 17th hole green at Island Club could mean getting chased by caddies and loosing your clothes which were left on the bushes
· Picking the sweetest wild Mangosteens on the Johor pipeline track just when they ripened – 1 day late and they would have all been picked by some other kids
· Newton CharQuayTeow, even better if you took your own eggs
· Ice balls behind Rex cinema and chuck them at passing bus windows when the syrup had all been sucked out
· Catching lonkang fish in Chancery Lane longkang when it floods
· Balmoral Road 'best in world' rojak man, and buah Li juice after
· Old men making cigarette packet sculptures
· Main 'Chatek'
· Aching legs cycling back from Ponggol after swimming
· Wrapping red crackers in greaseproof roti paper and sticking them into yellow, ripe JambuBatu, then lighting them and using them as ‘fragmentation grenades’………poor kampong dogs!!
· Swimming from Changi to Frog Island across the path of Royal Navy frigates - scary
· Spear fishing off the causeway and smelling like a trashcan on the bus home
· Trying to ride all the way from Upper Thompson to town without touching the bicycle handles
· Fashion was once loafer shoes with a patch of goat’s ‘fur’ on the uppers!!
· Pulling the Hacks sweet wrapper tight and place it close to your lips and BLOW!!!......................pheeeeeeeeet!!
· Most after school fights were in the football field, but the ‘serious’ ones were up at the abandoned colonial house on Mount Rosie.
· Attending the ACS senior students Grand Prix on the Saturday night streets, starting at the Cold Storage car park – got busted by the cops a few minutes before the starting flag went down – trouble with the principal the next day!!
· Mr Suppiah’s (Maths / Physics) famous advice to all his students, “Every morning, when you wake up, say this to yourself – every day, in every way, I am getting better and better” Now we realise that it worked!!
· Getting chased at night by Sikh watchmen after throwing 10cent rocket fireworks through the upper windows of the old rubber factory near Adelphi Park.
· Why did we always loose ONE of our flip flops when running for our lives – after successful escapes a crowd of panting lads each with ONE flipflop on!!
· Cooking flying lemur curry (illegal even back then) with Singapore’s self-styled ‘last professional hunter’ Tony Chua – his favourite phrase “you ah!! Like teaching elephant to stand on its prick”
· Watching John Ape’s favourite Python getting killed by the rat we threw in as ‘Python food’.
· Getting bitten by snakes we were catching, and sitting down beside a tree to see if we would die.
· Being towed by one foot while learning to water-ski – thank heavens the ski rope broke before I drowned.
· The first ‘dancing with girls’ parties – friends saying “you look like a farmer pushing a plough”
· Hiding up trees in MacRichie Res at night to watch old hookers ‘entertain’ their clients – one sarong, four legs!!

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