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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

kuti kuti....

· "when we used to play during recess 'kuti kuti' to see whose kuti jumped over the other to win the 'kuti'
· When we used to play 'hantam bola' and ran around the school
· When we could buy "kanchang puteh' for 10 cents from the mama guy with a box on his head
· when we could get milk for 20 cents and plate of mee for 15 cents at the school tuck shop durig recess
· when we say a bayee walking under the cana with a soap box to stand up on it to perform tricks on a cow
· when we wore little fake gold rings with a lion's head to school
· when we carried small brown school bags to class with two snap locks on either side the first day we could ride a bicycle to school and it had a speedometer on it
· when we would assemble behind the old scout building across the street from Coleman Street school to witness fights between many of our famous contemporise
· when we would drop little pencil sharpeners with mirrors on it to check the lady teachers' legs and panties if any
· when Ms Christina Loh was the sexiest and sauciest teacher we ever had at Coleman Street
· when some of us had to parade around the school as part of the 'late comers parade' for being 5 minutes to school

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  1. Anyone have a then picture of said sexiest, sauciest teacher in Coleman St? Please do share!